Is Isagenix Available at Stores?

Have you been looking for Isagenix products at stores but for some reason, you cannot find even one of them? Just so you know, Isagenix are not available at stores. Why is that so, you ask? Why can’t you find Isagenix at stores? Why can’t you just go and pick up your favorite products at your local health food shop?

There are several reasons why you cannot buy Isagenix at stores.

Who’s Behind Isagenix?

John Anderson is the main creator and formulator of Isagenix products and he is known as the Mineral Man. Prior to the birth of Isagenix, John was a private label supplement formulator and manufacturer for over 600 companies such as MetRx, Nature’s Sunshine, and GNC, developing over 2,300 weight loss and nutritional products.

When John visited the stores, he saw the products he made on the shelves and noticed that the amount of specific ingredients is lower or even completely taken out. One more compromise that companies make on formulations was on the ingredients’ quality. Instead of using the best form of whey protein, they substitute it with a lower quality of ingredient all for the sake of making profits.

This is why Isagenix was made with the purpose of changing the way of things.

What is the Principle behind Isagenix?

Isagenix uses network marketing and direct sales approach to give people the highest quality of nutrition. This is the reason why you cannot find Isagenix at stores. The company has been structured to get rid of distribution and advertising costs that come with the usual over the counter retail process. They also added real relationships and personal contact between people who want to enjoy cleansing and the person from whom they buy the product. This method creates a personal effect.

Once you buy the product from a person, that person who also uses Isagenix products will be able to share with you his personal experiences and connect you with the use of local events and social media to other daily users of Isagenix products.

Get Results Like Everyone Else 

Isagenix is available in many countries these days and is fully committed to improve world health and become its biggest health and wellness company. They are also dedicated to help people achieve better health and free them from their financial pains.

Isagenix developed an exceptional compensation plan where customers gain rewards through excellent health transformation that they get to share with their family and friends. Isagenix uses the direct selling business model where you can share your experiences and help others transform their health while you earn an income during the process. This is a win-win scenario where the people around you get healthy, the company gets one more loyal customer, and you get to make money as you help people close to you.

The good news is that Isagenix is now available in different countries including the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Mexico, Colombia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and Taiwan.

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