Isagenix Ingredients

To improve your overall health and fitness, it is important to use products that contain high quality ingredients. Isagenix products contain topnotch and carefully chosen ingredients to ensure that every product will deliver maximum positive health benefits.

Dairy-Free Shakes

Dairy-free shakes are perfect for people with allergies, lactose intolerance, and those that follow a diet free from all or any animal product. Since these are completely plant-based, dairy-free shakes offer similar benefits like their whey-based counterparts with the added benefit of plant-based fibers. The shakes have complete amino acid profile with the combination of pea and rice protein.

IsaLean Shakes

The most popular out of all Isagenix products, IsaLean Shakes serve as the foundation of the Isagenix diet plan. These are available in different flavors with various ingredients. IsaLean shakes are available in strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate flavors with unique flavors that are dairy-free.

Every 25 to 26g per serving of IsaLean shakes contains high amounts of undenatured protein. This a more bioavailable protein, which means that your body will absorb more of what you eat and use for burning fat and building body muscle.

IsaLean also contains complex milk-based proteins together with other ingredients to guarantee the freshness of the product and delicious flavor. The company strives to use the healthiest and highest quality natural ingredients.

IsaLean Pro

IsaLean Pro is a type of premium shake for meal replacement for people who want better results and are looking for high quality supplements to help them reach their goals. IsaLean Pro is available in strawberry and chocolate flavors and two types of vanilla, namely natural and French.

IsaLean Pro is the top favorite among athletes and people who wish to make the most out of their sports performance and muscle mass. Each flavor contains its own ingredients, details, and allergens.

IsaLean Bars

IsaLean Bars are top of the line snacks rich in proteins that work great together with shakes. These can also serve as snacks packed with energy to help reduce your cravings throughout the day. Every IsaLean Bar contains a total of 18 grams of protein that have low fat and sugar content.

The IsaLean Bars are made available with either plant-based or whey-based protein. It means that these are available in both kosher and vegan versions. The carbohydrates that the bars contain are based on the less-refined sources including tapioca starch and brown rice syrup. The IsaLean Bars are also fortified with a long list of minerals and vitamins to make sure that you get to experience only the best of the bes results when it comes to long term health and body transformation.

Ingredients of Other Isagenix Products

If you want to learn more about the products under the Isagenix lineup, it is highly recommended that you check the pages for each individual product or you can also contact the company to find the answers that you need for your questions. The IsaLean range of products is the most popular as they form the main core of what the company is all about.