Isagenix Transformations

Isagenix has many transformation stories of success, here at Healthy Cleansing we’ve hand picked a few stories that may resonate with you. Whether you are just looking to lose a few kilo’s, gain some muscle or boost your energy so you’re not as tired, we hope these transformations will inspire you as to what is possible with using the Isagenix system.

Tori & Greg Newing,

Hamilton New Zealand

In 2018, Tori and Greg had come to realise that their life and health was not heading in the right direction. Greg was working long hours as an underground drill technician and couldn’t find the motivation to prepare strong healthy meals, which lead to bad eating habits. Tori was busy from dawn till dusk getting the kids to and from school and running her popular eyelash extension business. She would often skip breakfast and lunch and then binge eat at the end of the day because she was so hungry. In their words: “We were overweight from our regular fast-food diet, fatigued because our bodies were in such an unhealthy state and neither of us liked what we saw in the mirror. Ironically, we had given up our health in the process of “being busy” trying to keep on top of the bills.

Fortunately, in September 2018 a good friend cared enough to reach out. He introduced us to Isagenix and showed us some amazing transformation pictures of people who were using the system. We figured that we would just redirect the money we were already spending on junk food into good nutrition that was going to serve our bodies and give us all the nutrients that we were missing out on. The results were almost instant! In the first week we noticed we were having deep restful sleeps and feeling energised all day, and in our first month we released a combined total of 17kgs of fat (Greg, 9kg and Tori, 8kg). We couldn’t believe how simple it was! We then discovered the Isabody Challenge, which is a 16 week transformation challenge with up to $50,000 in cash prizes to push you that little bit harder to achieve your goals. We took that challenge very seriously, we were competing with one another to be up on that stage as a finalist, only to find that we were both selected as Isabody Finalists and Tori went on to become the NZ Isabody Champion while she was 4 months pregnant! Now we can’t even imagine doing life without Isagenix, we just feel so energised and alive every single day and that is priceless!”

Before & After Using The Isagenix System:

Tori Newing & Greg Newing at Isagenix Australia/New Zealand Celebration 2020 in Brisbane, Australia.

This is the moment where Tori won a total of $19,000 USD for her Transformation & Greg won $4,000 for his transformation. Tori is now going onto compete for the Global Isabody Challenge in Utah, America worth $50,000 USD and we wish her all the best for the next part of her journey!