The Collagen Bone Broth is a great tasting and nourishing sippable broth rich in the antioxidant vitamin C and collagen peptides.

How to Use Collagen Bone Broth

Just mix with hot or warm water and you can enjoy Collagen Bone Broth. With 8g of protein and 40 calories per serving, you can consume Collagen Bone Broth anyway you want. It can be a filling snack, an added boost for protein I your meals or you can even add it to other side dishes and recipes to improve nutrition and flavor.

Collagen Peptides Defined

Collagen peptides or also called hydrolyzed collagen is the more bio-available collagen form. This means that they can be absorbed and digested by the body easily to enjoy their benefits. Collagen peptide consumption such as those found in Collagen Bone Broth is shown to boost the collagen production of the body through offering the building blocks the body requires to produce collagen.

Why Consume Collagen Peptides?

It has been discovered that regular consumption of collagen peptides benefits joint health, skin health and more. Since the body’s collagen production increases hours after collagen peptide consumption, it reveals that collagen peptides act fast.

Research also suggest that collagen peptides act as cell messengers that stimulate the production and reorganization of new collagen fibers to support the tissue structure of the body. The length of time for the effects to be noticeable or visible in joint or skin health can differ. But provided that you regularly consume collagen peptides through the mouthwatering Collagen Bone Broth, your body will surely love what you feed it.

How Much Collagen Bone Broth Can You Consume?

It is actually up to you. Research reveals that there are no limits on the amount of collagen peptides that you can have. Evidence even shows that it is better if you have more. This means that it is enough to have a single Collagen Bone Broth serving to get its benefits with no need to go overboard. However, if you want several servings per day, just take note of the overall calorie intake and you are good to go.

What Sets Collagen Bone Broth Apart from Other Collagen Peptides and Bone Broths?

Although there are other fine sources of collagen peptides or bone broth, there are several factors that make the Isagenix Bone Broth different from others. First is the combination of bone broth and collagen peptides. If actual collagen peptides are not added, you can’t expect bone broth to give you enough collagen that can benefit your body. Isagenix Collagen Bone Broth offers 6.5g of collagen peptides aside from bone broth itself. Collagen Bone Broth is also rich in antioxidant vitamin C, an essential company the body requires for collagen production aside from the three amino acids hydroxyproline, proline and glycine that sets collagen apart and the body requires for producing its own collagen. Collagen Bone Broth also comes with Isagenix quality as both the collagen peptides and bone broth are sourced from grass-fed cows.

If you are looking for a healthy and delicious treat, Collagen Bone Broth is your best choice!