Why Isagenix Isn't A Fad Diet

Miracle or fad diets are diets making unrealistic claims that are unsupported by scientific evidence. These diets become popular because of misguided coverage by mass media that forms the hype for the latest cure-all solutions.

Isagenix System and Its Two Primary Components

Isagenix is not a fad diet since it doesn’t make any unrealistic claims on weight loss. Instead, it relies on scientific and evidence-based weight loss approach composed of nutritionally supported intermittent fasting and calorie restriction with no under nutrition.

The primary components of the Isagenix approach are the following:

  1. Cleanse Days – It involves intermittent fasting for 1 day per week and not more than 4 days per month as part of a bigger nutritional plan.
  2. Shake Days – This involves calorie restriction using scientifically formulated shakes.

Isagenix Scientific Support

As a scientific validation, Isagenix has invested in several clinical studies for testing the Shake Day/Cleanse Day model to achieve healthy weight loss.

The researchers at the University of Illinois discovered that subjects on Isagenix System lost more body fat and weight compared to those on whole foods-based and self-selected diet after a 10-week period. It is worthy to note that this study of the UIC received as award due to its novel design and MRI scan use as a means of the subjects’ visceral fat reduction. The subjects using Isagenix System experienced twice as much reduction of visceral fat compared to subjects on whole foods-based diet.

Based on the UIC results, researchers from Skidmore College conducted a study with two parts composed of a weight loss phase for 11 weeks followed by a weight maintenance phase for 52 weeks. Subjects who use Isagenix products were able to lose 24 pounds on the average and maintained their weight loss while boosting their cardiovascular health and body mass percentage.

This means that people who follow the Isagenix System were able to lose weight better and maintain it for long term with a tendency to boost their general health. This system offers balanced nutrition, convenient with quality protein sources such as whey for better muscle maintenance with no need to cause any uncomfortable changes in the lifestyle of a person.

Why Isagenix is Better Than Traditional Diet

It might sound easy to get all the right amount of healthy fats, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates when there are a lot of information and tools available at your disposal. But, based on consistent scientific reports, a lot of people run into issues as they try to achieve a sustained weight loss. Weight loss barriers include oversized portions, attrition, social factors, poor selection of food, lack of convenience and so much more. Most of those who were able to achieve weight loss on a diet often regain their weight during the first year.

With a scientifically supported, sustainable, and safe plan, Isagenix is a convenient solution for weight loss for those who want to stay away from any fad diet and achieve better results without any problems along the way.